We already invested € 1.243.489 to several water projects with the help of our partners. We are working from the EARTH philosophy since 2007 and made contributions to several partners in the first three years. Since 2011 we decided to make contributions to water projects only. Scroll down to see some of the water projects that are complete with the investments from EARTH Concepts:

  • Haiti


    Donation: €71.875

    Thanks to our partners in North America, Tradedoubler Strandvolley and Vogue Taiwan, we have been able to do a donation to help the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. It has helped many victims. Due to the earthquake more than 222.000 lives were lost and millions of people have become homeless. The donation included providing 280.000 meals for children.

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  • Shunyi Sun’s Children’s Village

    Shunyi Sun’s Children’s Village

    Donation: € 5.000

    Shunyi Sun's Village in Beijing is a shelter for children whose parents are in prison. There have been installed several water purification systems to provide all children with clean drinking water. 

  • Olguluglui Rivier Project

    Olguluglui Rivier Project

    Donation: € 93.166 

    Arkefly, Eurosonic, Rock & Run2013 and EARTH Concepts have the goal to bring back te old state of the Kaijado river in Kenia. By climate change and the short rainy season, the area has become increasingly drier which brings harm to the animals and Masai villagers who live there. By a dam built, the water may spread resulting in the re-growing plants, even in the dry season. By bringing back the river, there is a possibility to produce clean drinking water for 10,000 Maisai people and the wildlife that live in the area.

  • Refugee Camp Sudan and Ethiopia

    Refugee Camp Sudan and Ethiopia

    Donatie: €41.750

    In refugee camp Abuda in eastern Sudan, there is a water pipe network installed, for the 3.688 refugees. Also in the refugee camp Shimelba in Ethiopia, the refugees can purchase a variety of amenities with the donation of EARTH Concepts. The capacity of this refugee camp is 10.000 people. With the current number of 16.000, is the maximum capacity already substantially exceeded. Because of the new construction of pumping stations, generators, water tanks, distribution systems and water taps, the number of water and sanitation are significantly expanded.



    Donation: € 6.000

    EARTH concepts initially donated a sum of €1.000 to Ms. Earth Netherlands, who is ambassdor of Sympany. In cooperation with Euro Toques and Bagels & Beans we donated €5.000 more for this project in Malawi. The money is used to support the plumber training by Sympany in Malawi. In Malawi, 60% of all diseases are caused by a lack of clean water and poor hygiene.

    I find it incredible that there are still millions of people have no access to sanitation and safe drinking water. Therefore I am an ambassador of Humana (Wendy-Kristy Hoogenbrugge, 2010)

  • ‘Stichting Max’

    ‘Stichting Max’

    Donation amount: €6300

    The foundation ‘Stichting Max’ is fighting against child death through small scale projects focused on clean drinking water and sanitation in the most reclusive and poor areas of Bangladesh. The combination of digging water wells, building sanitation facilities and offering training on hygiene is the most effective way to fight the main cause for child death. We maintain a close partnership with ‘Stichting Max’. If you have any interests to finance a project of the ‘Max Foundation’ together with us please contact through

    Click here for more pictures of the water wells.

  • Children's Hygiene Program

    Children's Hygiene Program

    Donation: € 32.500

    The LiveBuild Foundation is committed to building water and educational facilities in Cameroon. The ultimate goal is that villagers can provide for their own basic needs so that they can use their full power to improve the lives of themselves and others.

  • Sri Lanka Home of Hope

    Sri Lanka Home of Hope

    Donatie: € 38.100

    Together with our partners De Parade and Denios we have been able to make several donations to Home of Hope in Sri Lanka.

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  • Walk The World

    Walk The World

    Donation: €8.200

    During the Walk The World tens of thousands of people in 80 countries all over the world walked five kilometers. This is the average distance a child in a developing country has to walk from their home to school. In The Netherlands Unilever and TNT, who are also large clients of EARTH Water, are the main sponsors of this event.

  • Luis Figo Foundation

    Luis Figo Foundation

    Donation: €7.500

    EARTH Concepts has donated to the Luis Figo Foundation of EARTH-Ambassador Luis Figo. This foundation, chaired by the well-known Portuguese soccer player Luis Figo supports many social projects worldwide. Read more about the Luis Figo Foundation.

  • Georgia Refugees

    Georgia Refugees

    Donation: €32.500

    Thanks to the cooperation between the TAPPS Beach volleyball Tournament and EARTH Concepts, many refugees and displaced people in Georgia have been provided non-food items such as jerry cans, cooking sets and blankets. 

  • Darfur Refugees

    Darfur Refugees

    Donation: €25.000

    Together with Avenance we have been able to support a project to provide refugees in Darfur clean drinking water. For more information about this cooperation, please click here.

    Click here for the video of Avenance.

  • Clean water for the children of Home of Hope

    Clean water for the children of Home of Hope

    Donation: €5.000

    The ‘Home of Hope’ orphanage in Sri Lanka offers housing for 100 children from war zones. By renovating the toilets, bathrooms and water plumbing of the bedrooms, all the children of Home of Hope can use clean and safe drinking water.
    Read more about this project

  • Rainwater filtering in Ethiopia and refugee camp Somalia

    Rainwater filtering in Ethiopia and refugee camp Somalia

    Donation: €30.000

    Thanks to the cooperation between TAPPS Beach volleyball Tournament and EARTH Concepts, a watersystem has been financed in Ethiopia which collects and filters rainwater. For the coming twenty years, 170 people will have access to clean water and improved sanitary facilities. The donation money was also used to develop sanitary facilities in a refugee camp in Somalia. This has somewhat helped to improve the living conditions of around 400 people and it has decreased the chance for diseases.  



    Donation: € 5.000

    Home of Hope is an Orphanage in Sri Lanka that provides a home for over 100 kids. Most of the kids come from the post-war zone area Sri Lanka. Home of Hope wants to provide good schooling for its kids to enhance their changes of a succesful future. To provide schooling for a year for a 100 kids, Home of Hope needs 3 things: 1. School Uniforms 2. School Books 3. Transport.

  • Water for institutions for handicapped children

    Water for institutions for handicapped children

    Donation: €25.000

    Due to this project seven institutions in China that take care of handicapped children, have been able to build water purification systems and water access points. This has helped 2100 children. Read more about this project

  • Qirui Children rehabilitation center

    Qirui Children rehabilitation center

    Donation: €5.000

    Water testing showed that the quality of the water at the Qirui rehabilitation center in China could potentially cause many health problems. Our project has enabled the installation of water purifications systems in the center to provide clean drinking water to 200 children.
    Read more about this project

  • Brunapeg water & facilities

    Brunapeg water & facilities

    Donation: €21.458

    The primary school and middle school in South-Matabeleland in Zimbabwe, Africa, only had one water access point which was also used by the hospital. With this project both schools, teachers’ homes and the church now have their own water facilities and do not need to share it with the hospital anymore. Besides installing water systems the children and teachers have received hygiene training.
    Read more about this project

  • Water filters for families in Mozambique

    Water filters for families in Mozambique

    Donation: €8.000

    This project has enabled 800 families in the Monapo district, Mozambique to use ‘Siphon Tulip’ (water) filters which provide clean and safe water. More than 80% of the people in that district has experienced diseases as diarrhea, cholera or malaria, which can be prevented when there is access to clean water.

    By having the water filters the people do not need to walk long distances to buy water or need to worry about diseases. This way they (especially the women and children) have time to go to work or school.
    Read more about this project

  • Water project for migrant schools – China

    Water project for migrant schools – China

    Donation: €23.165
    This project was initiated for migrant schools in China which have had many problems with the quality of drinking water. Through the project ten schools have been provided with water purification systems and water taps. The water systems will give 8000 children access to clean drinking water.
    Read more about this project

  • We Care Foundation

    We Care Foundation

    Donation: €7.500

    The ‘We Care’ Foundation is an initiative of HotelloTOP. Together with the Dutch Hospitality sector they have been raising money since 2007 for organizations that focus on people who don’t experience hospitality in their daily life. In recent years the ‘We Care’ Foundation has proven themselves as a reliable partner when it comes to charity and has supported many different organizations. 

  • Water wells in Malawi

    Water wells in Malawi

    Donation: €7.400

    This project has provided twelve Elephant water pump systems. Every pump can provide 250 people 40 liters of water per day per person. All the materials used to build the pumps originate from Malawi. The pumps were built by locals who will also maintain them in the future to ensure long term use.
    Read more about this project

  • Sanitation facilities in Liberia

    Sanitation facilities in Liberia

    Donation: €5.020

    This donation money was used to build 110 facilities in Liberia such as toilets and water tap systems. This will prevent the spreading of diseases which originate from contaminated water. Besides building sanitation facilities, people have been trained in maintaining the systems to ensure their long term use.
    Read more about this project

  • Clean drinking water school Ban Nalau

    Clean drinking water school Ban Nalau

    Donation: €4.500

    In cooperation with HOAT and Parade, new rainwater purification systems have been installed at schools in Buriram Province in Thailand to provide clean drinking water to more than 1000 children. In the past the children drank water from open tanks. This water was not being renewed for months and therefore contained a lot of harmful bacteria. After the installation of the systems and training on the importance of clean drinking water, the number of sick children decreased noticeably.
    Read more about this project

  • Clean drinking water and empowering women

    Clean drinking water and empowering women

    Donation: €11.740

    The project in Ethiopia safeguard the use of two water sources, created two water distribution points and women are being trained in hygiene, health care, horticulture and small scale business. This way 4800 people are able to make use of the new sanitation facilities.
    Read more about this project

  • Sanitation facilities in a refugee camp

    Sanitation facilities in a refugee camp

    Donation: €13.500

    This camp in Somalia was initially built as a temporary refugee camp, but now it has become a permanent living area. The project supported the construction of toilets and water facilities to provide 2500 people with clean drinking water and reduce the chance of diseases.
    Read more about this project

  • Non-profit foundation 'Che Amigo'

    Non-profit foundation 'Che Amigo'

    Donation: €500

    Non-profit foundatoion ‘Che Amigo’ is raising funds in The Netherlands for educational projects in Argentina. Besides financial support, ‘Che Amigo’ also gives training and coaching to young people from pour areas on the subjects of leadership and social project management. In this way we stimulate local entrepreneurship. In Argentina ‘Che Amigo’ works closely with local organizations. Because of this they can use local knowledge, experience and support base.

  • Production of ceramic waterfilters

    Production of ceramic waterfilters

    Donatieon: €20.596

    The project supports representatives from the 'Prespot' pot center to receive training in Cambodia for the production and implementation of ceramic waterfilters.

    Read more about this project

  • Sanitation School Program

    Sanitation School Program

    Donation: €10.000

    This program has provided three primary schools in Njombe, Tanzania good sanitation facilities and training in personal hygiene for approximately 1600 children between the age of 7 to 14.

    Read more about this project

  • The 'Lave Main' for schools

    The 'Lave Main' for schools

    Together with plumbers, the organization ASAP has developed an easy-to-use water tap system made from recycled materials so children can easily wash their hands. These systems have been installed at primary schools in nine villages in the area of Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso, Africa.
    Read more about this project